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Reifenstein Castle

Hello dear collector friends, if you come through South Tyrol on your way to central Italy, you should definitely visit Reifenstein Castle. There is hardly a castle in Europe that has preserved its medieval character so well and completely. It's about the castle and not necessarily about the interior. Not very much original furniture from the time when the castle was owned by the Teutonic Order has survived. "Thank God" the castle was not rebuilt in the 19th century. The entire Romanesque and, above all, Gothic structure is almost completely preserved. In the tour you will get very good and absolutely correct information about this beautiful castle. The two ladies who do the tours are really very professional. Unfortunately, this is not something you can often experience on guided tours of the castle.

Rodenegg Castle

On our South Tyrol castle tour, we also discovered this very beautiful castle. In one room of the castle


Princely castle

Another highlight of our South Tyrol castles tour was the visit to the Prince's Castle in Merano. The small medieval castle