Gothic chest dated 1560


Body and lid made of solid oak, completely iron-plated and riveted. Front with three folding brackets and each matching triangular padlock and an eyelet with a key ring. The opening of the central bracket releases the actual chest lock, which was still made in a typically Gothic shape. Lid on three hinges and with twisted retaining bracket. Outside lid with remains of an old painting or frame. Inside the lid with two locking tabs at the front and two locking pins at the back, which grip into the body when closing. Inside old version in red and inscription "IHS & MARIA 1560".

Despite its old age, the chest is in very good condition! Dimensions: width: 103 cm, height: 52 cm, depth: 60 cm, weight: approx. 90 kg


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Balaclava around 1590 Balaclava around 1590
Copper doner pot around 1680 Copper doner pot around 1680
Saddle holster around 1640 Saddle holster around 1640
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