Grossfurra Castle

When I visit my collector friends I often drive on the country roads. I have already discovered many beautiful historical buildings and castles by chance. While visiting a collector in Mühlhausen in beautiful Thuringia, I found a small castle on the way back near Sondershausen. There is a “Junker-Schänke” in the Großfurra castle. There you can enjoy delicious and freshly prepared food in a rustic ambience, or you can comfortably drink an equally delicious coffee. The staff is very nice and, of course, we spoke to the boss, who actually comes from Bavaria, as castle fans. He bought this little castle in 1996 in a ruinous condition and has restored it piece by piece over the last 20 years and brought it to life. You can also spend the night in the castle. There are some cozy and lovingly furnished rooms and holiday apartments. In the vicinity of the castle there are some beautiful cities to explore, such as Mühlhausen, which is still surrounded by a medieval city wall, the well-preserved old town of Erfurt, Gotha or the Goethe city of Weimar. In any case, you should drive on the well-developed country roads and discover the beautiful and historical landscape with the many historical buildings. Our tip: Großfurra Castle near Sondershausen, Großfurra local rope

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