You've probably already informed on our Page www.antik-sammlerbö and know for what collections hit our hearts and our passion glows. If not, you should make up for sure! Then you can assess whether you are right with us and do not waste precious time.
The collection area Antiques's stored very diverse and large. There are many time periods and styles. Our focus and our offer is very specifically targeted, because we ourselves are collector and live with these antiques and live. For this reason, we operate the collectors' fair with lots of love, passion and genuine interest.

Therefore, our hobbies relate specifically to folk art, sculptures, utensils and handicrafts made of tin, copper, bronze, brass, wrought iron, earthenware, stoneware pottery, antique glass and armor, armor, bat and stick weapons to 1700, historical elements such as Firebacks with Adelswappen or knight motives, beams with aphorisms and datings, sandstone coat of arms, decorations to rustic furniture.

It could also be symbolically summarized as follows ... We are interested in objects that would fit in a "castle"!

The objects shown in our online catalog includes various collectors. Our collectors are absolute fans castles and collect objects from our listed categories / divisions.

The idea of ​​the Collectors Fair is in the construction of a large network of like-minded collectors and interests. Since we are not traders but collectors, we want to win no anonymous buyer but build personal contacts with collectors and new buyers.

The advantage for all is obvious. The larger the network of collectors and specialists of a particular collection area is, the more expertise to the respective collection area can be used. Rare objects can be examined and assessed together. A collector helps the other collectors, without the intention to sell this is a priority.

Another advantage is the optimization of your own collection. The longer you collect no less interesting objects you are looking for its collection area.

A collector of historic slashing and stabbing weapons almost always begins with a bayonet or saber in mediocre condition. After a few years of active collecting activity he is interested in then for rapiers or swords in top condition and quality. Now he is his pieces from the early days of new collector / beginners sell to buy higher quality then new pieces. He thus optimize its collection.

You can see why in our online catalog also objects which are not yet at the moment of the respective collector. But you can earmark for this object and get a info if the piece is for sale. So when our collectors want to buy a new piece for his collection.

So it can happen sometimes that you discover in our online catalog a beautiful Renaissance key, but our collectors do not want to sell. Now get our collectors available as outside the Collectors Fair to an older key from the Gothic he would like to acquire for his collection, then you will receive an info that you can purchase the Renaissance-key from our online catalog now.

You can offer items for exchange, give in or Commission to set off us at any time. With us everything is possible for you to come to their dream piece. Our exhibited objects are all original pieces of good quality. We guarantee 100%.

Offer us your treasures. We are always interested in beautiful, early and rustic antiques. We will contact you immediately.

The advantage for you:
They use a large network of interested collectors who really appreciate antiques. Our collectors are charged quickly, reasonable and fair. Did they resolve an estate or a collection, we are always the right partner for you.

We will continue to expand our online catalog. So it pays to always look in. We also offer you the opportunity to register for a given topic. This way, you get automatically when newly hired pieces to their territory an info e-mail. So you are always well informed.

We hope you enjoy browsing and look through our online catalog.