Saint George, 18th/19th century

Original hand carved large wooden sculpture "Saint George" in full armor, 18th / 19th century. Century! The sculpture is carved with incredible detail. The armor parts look very plastic and are modeled after a full armor of the 16th century. The face is masterfully and expressively carved and the old frame with patina give the face vitality. The original color scheme is completely preserved. Of course there are smaller, non-distracting color bursts in the frame. But that is exactly what defines the originality of such a sculpture. The lance and the sword pommel were later supplemented extremely well! The dark wooden base (capital) is not part of the offer! Height to the lance tip 125cm !!!


Product Note Price
Padlock around 1850 Padlock around 1850
Gothic chest dated 1560 Gothic chest dated 1560
Stuffhouse halberd around 1590 Stuffhouse halberd around 1590
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