Late gothic chain cover

Original, late-gogh chain with chain hook and probably a bit later chain. Rich blinded calf leather over massive wooden tops. Rectangular and diagonally running pastel lines. In the fields rich blind embossments with flower and lily stamping. Contents: Incunable with the rare first edition of the important church works of the Gratianus (around 1095-1159), which for the first time scientifically combined the doctrine of the church with the help of various collections, and thus became the founder of canonical jurisprudence. "Bibretary concordatum". "Decretu (m) Gratiani (m) mo studio elaboratu (m): correctu (m) & cu (m) With the Glossa ordinaria of Johannes Teutonicus in the treatment of Bartholomaeus Brixiensis. With a poem and a letter to the reader, edited by Sebastian Brant, printed by Johann Froben in Basel, 1493. Beautiful, printed in red and black, complete and best preserved Scholiendruck, bound in an original, late-Gothic chain cover. In gothic type, two-column printing with inter-linear glosses typical for commentary printing. The comments are printed in smaller type. Back on the title, a large woodcut, depicting Gratian as he collects the decretals in his study, framed by a mount with biblical half-figures and those of four church fathers. The woodcut comes from the master of Verardus. Including the poem by Sebastian Brant. Thousands of large and small printed Lombaras in red. Bookblock in front with handwritten title. Sheet size: 22 x 15 cm. Completely with 520 not num. Sheet. Two intact closures. Locking tapes hardly visible. Good condition of the cover. Deckbelder rubbed, scraped and with perfectly restored leather moths as well as Wurlochöchern. Professional restoration. Back renewed. Chain bindings were mostly used in monasteries and church libraries. The monks attached chains to the sturdy wooden covers, which they either hung with a chain hook or a chain ring on the bookboard and thus fixed the book at the reading table. On illustrated illustrations the chain bindings are also frequently hung up on beams. Chain bindings are extremely scarce, since they were mostly disassembled, since no longer needed. Very good and genuinely preserved specimen. Clean print on solid, sound handmade paper. First leaf slightly finger-stained. Evenly tanned. A few leaves in the margins somewhat watery. The first 50 and the last 10 sheets with rootworms in border and text, one sheet with small corner tear without text loss. In the bow slightly wrinkled. A few old markings. Well-maintained specimen without damage, cracks or defects.


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Late Gothic monastery Late Gothic monastery
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